Search Engine Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses have an uphill battle online, but do you really need to view it that way? Google favors local SEO, so that is going to help you in terms of location based searches. Voices searches are driving local search engine traffic, and so small businesses are benefiting in big ways. It pays to focus on your site as a small business, and you have to recognize that you are in competition with other small businesses, not necessarily large corporations. That being said, let’s look at some tips for small business owners that can help you with your search engine optimization efforts.

Do you have a Google My Business account? That is one thing that can be helpful. Then there is also the Google Search Console that is recommended for you to use. You know that you need to be doing keyword research of course, too, and there are all kinds of helpful tools for doing that. Make sure that you have determined who your audience is going to be and how to communicate with them in different ways. And it is always idea to seek out the best SEO company for small businesses.

Let’s see what else is out there. As you do keyword research, perform searches. You will be using keywords within your niche, and it is important to see exactly what is being displayed by the search engines in the results. Small businesses also need to take location seriously, meaning they need to claim the address where they are located on Google Maps.

Are you going to outsource any of your SEO work? That is a great idea in 2018, but you want to be careful about whom you hire. Work according to your budget, and really focus on what you want done. Don’t buy into an agency that says they can do everything for you at a price that seems really low. You want proper SEO work done, and you want it to build over time.



It’s also a good idea to always stay up with what is going on in your industry regarding news. Also, post content to multiple outlets with services like Hootsuite so that you can network your online social media presence to reach a wider audience. If you put all of these tips into play, you will be marching forward as a small business owner tackling everything you need to be thinking about in terms of SEO in 2018.



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